The Philosophy Behind Our Slowdown Collection

The Philosophy behind our slowdown collection

Life can come at you fast and during the pandemic, we have been forced to slow down. This gave everyone some time to reflect, and boy, did we do some thinking and reflecting? We have thought about the durability and sustainability of all our lifestyles. How can we single-handedly change an industry that has gotten stuck in consumerism? How can we change the need for continuously buying more and more?

Our Stella Trousers and Angelina Tee

Even though we have supported many different slow and sustainable fashion brands with our agency, we still felt we could do more. So we started designing with you in mind. Every piece in our collection is named after inspirational women around the world.

You’ll recognize names like Vivienne, Stella, Angelina, Michelle and many more. Not only do we design with you in mind, to make you feel confident in all our items, but also with your activities in mind. Whether you read this while laying on your couch or on the train, we want you to feel comfortable in all our designs.

On top of that our entire collection is seasonless, meaning you can wear anything at any time! And we mean this literally because every piece in the collection is designed for you to enjoy any occasion.

We have also ensured that not one piece of clothing adds new materials to the chain of production. We do this by using deadstock fabrics and in the nearby future, we will also be using recycled materials. From fibre to fabric to clothing, produced in Turkey under humane and fair conditions, we follow our garments every step of the way. We’re currently working on three new designs and are always looking for ways to improve. Bringing more and more of the production process even closer to home and always looking for ways to be more circular and eco-conscious. More about that in the next blog! 

In the atelier of our production partner in Izmir.

Fast fashion has gotten us used to new clothes almost every day, so we have done the exact opposite. We have designed our clothes to be timeless. Not only is the design timeless but the quality of the fabric ensures that you can wear the collection for years to come. And if you somehow end up not wearing the piece anymore, maybe another amazing woman in your life will add it to her wardrobe!

Slow down with us and take a moment for yourself. Slow down your appetite for fast fashion, and relax in one of our long-lasting creations. Don’t wear out our planet, wear our clothes. 

If you want to read more about how circular design works, we have carefully documented everything here. 

If you’d like to read more about our production partners, we have carefully documented everything here.

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