Deadstock Fabrics – From Fabric to Collection

Deadstock Fabrics - from fabric to collection

When you think of sustainability in fashion, a lot of different sides to the industry come to mind, from not using plastic water bottles on set while shooting your new collection to using only recycled materials in the production of your clothing. One of the things that are easily overlooked in the fashion industry is how much waste is created before the clothes even make it to the shelves.

Fast fashion has a lot of downsides and one of those downsides is the enormous amounts of clothing and overstock. But it’s not just fast fashion that buys the wrong roll of fabric or too much of a certain fabric, a lot of fashion houses have a lot of overstock, or what we call “deadstock”. And that’s where CharlieMary comes in.

Our main reason for using deadstock fabrics is that we don’t want to add any new raw materials to the chain of production. Reducing and reusing is how we want to change the industry and the expectations of our customers. We source these beautiful fabrics close to where the clothes actually get produced, this means less transportation and thus less CO2 emissions. Sometimes a fabric that we pick may even come from a very fancy high fashion house that is unable to use the fabric in their own collection!

Now you may think “Okay cool, you’re not using any new materials, but how do you find these fabrics and create such beautiful clothes with them?” The answer to that is actually surprisingly simple. Let’s say we want to make a beautiful new blouse in a mellow yellow, there is no guarantee that we actually find that colour in the right fabric for a blouse. That’s why we have kind of swapped around the traditional way of designing a collection. Fabric first, design after. We let the fabric inspire us!

Our team does extensive research on all the fabrics for our collection, from sourcing the actual fabric to figuring out what would be an appropriate garment to make with the sourced materials. You can imagine that this means that the garments are almost always limited edition. Once an item is sold out, that exact shape and fabric have likely been all used up already. Of course, if the demand is there, we will source a new fabric that works with the pattern as well. Because we create styles that are timeless, they can be repeated in a different fabric with a totally different look and feel. We may or may not be thinking of doing that with some of our most successful items already, like our Signe Long-Sleeved Shirt.

Deadstock fabrics are not our only focus, we are very much into recycled yarns too! Right now only 15% of reusable textile waste is being recycled. Working together we believe we can dramatically increase that percentage. Imagine a garment made out of recycled yarns – made from textile waste – from the Netherlands, fully produced and sewn together in the Netherlands and sold through our webshop in the Netherlands. We believe we can bring the entire chain of production much closer to home, which of course also helps make our carbon footprint much smaller. With every step we take, we think first and foremost of sustainability and circularity, this keeps us on our toes and continuously innovating.

The time to do our part for our world is now, no step is too small when your intentions are only to help and improve. We only have one planet and we have to treat it as such. While changing an entire industry we also want to inspire everyone around us to be aware and shop aware. You can still spoil yourself with a new outfit while contributing to changing the fashion industry for the better! Don’t wear out the planet, wear our clothes.

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