Makers Unite | Interview with Thami

Makers Unite - Interview with thami

It’s September, and we want to start the month off with some very exciting news. As you know, we work endlessly to stay on top of all possibilities to make our collection more circular and more sustainable in every direction. It’s only natural we started looking at production possibilities closer to home. One of our amazing production partners is right here in Amsterdam. We visited, took some amazing pictures and had the honour to interview Thami, the proud founder of our Amsterdam based production partner Makers Unite. 


Thami photographed by Barbara Kieboom

Thami is on a social mission to create an inclusive society by changing the narrative of migration. Makers Unite is founded on the potential of ‘making stuff together’. In their studio, newcomers and local makers work together on a variety of sustainable products. Keep an eye on our website for the newest drop with our Sarah trousers and Salma blouse made by Makers Unite! Besides the environmental sustainability, social sustainability is a big part of Makers Unite also, a margin of their profit goes to educational programmes for their employees too. 

What are you most proud of in your work?

“The people I get to work with. I am so proud when I see newcomers and local makers work together on a product. Makers Unite is all about collaboration. Our studio is where new opportunities start; for both the newcomers and the local makers. It really is about the connection. With Makers Unite we created the ultimate example of what an inclusive society could look like. I am proud to say we work without subsidies: Makers Unite is a business, not an NGO. We really work for the benefit of the country and are passionate about making integration in Europe work. I am proud that Makers Unite works sustainably: we only work with sustainable materials; mostly recyclables. You cannot solve one problem while creating another one, right? We are all for a circular economy and are really enthusiastic about making the items for the Slowdown Collection, for which we used deadstock material of LVMH.”

What does your dream future in the fashion industry look like?

“It would be so so nice if everyone in the production chain participates was treated and paid fairly. If a consumer is buying extremely low-priced clothing, someone else is definitely paying the price. And someone is a person of flesh and blood, who has ambitions, dreams and rights. If people would really realize that fashion is made by people; how much work it takes; hours and hours of work… They would make other choices. If you understand the work, you will make different choices. I believe they would make other choices. I believe change starts with awareness and connection.  I wish the next generation a world in which fashion is consumed more consciously and the fashion industry works circular. And I look forward to the new business models that make this work: more renting and borrowing, instead of buying and owning.”

If you could change two things about the fashion industry tomorrow, what would they be?

“I would make sure that every participant in the fashion industry is responsible for the entire production chain. That also means the end of the lifecycle; what happens to the product after people stop using is: a producer needs to make sure it can be recycled. So that means you need to think about the materials before you start your production. And bring humanity back in consumption. And that is all about raising awareness, every day.”

What does your favourite Slowdown Sunday look like?

“The sun is out. I am in nature, surrounded by sweet people – friends and family. We are healthy and enjoy time together in nature. In the afternoon we start dancing and end up dancing the night away…” 

We want to thank Thami and the entire Makers Unite team for making this interview and collaboration possible. We cannot wait until our new drop is online for everyone to see. Keep an eye on our socials for some sneak peeks and check back next week for our new items!

To find out more about Makers Unite, visit their website here.

Can’t wait until the next drop? Shop our current Slowdown Collection here.

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