3D sampling

3D Sampling

In the traditional, linear fashion industry fashion samples are flown around the world
on a daily basis. From production facilities to brands and back and forth (and back
and forth). You can imagine that the process of sampling is responsible for lots of co2
emissions and waste.

At CharlieMary we proudly work on a 3D sampling pilot. Together with our partner,
we have created an avatar of our model, on which we can simulate our items, without
ever physically creating them. It enables us to work digitally and save lots of
resources and time.

3D sampling is a tool that gives a new generation of makers access to innovation; It enables starting brands to perfect their designs easily and communicate more effectively with their production facilities. 3D sampling makes designers more flexible and enables them to choose to work with small, local studios – Making it easy to shorten the production drastically and making the ecological footprint smaller at the same time. 

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