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About CharlieMary

With our seasonless collections, we offer classic everyday pieces with a modern and relevant aesthetic. We make comfortable, timeless, high-quality garments that can be worn longer, passed on, and reused.

We Are In It For The Long Run

Before we even start designing, our garments have already lived a life.  And we only want to prolong that life. We’re in it for the long run. That’s why while designing we try to figure out the entire lifecycle of a piece of clothing; How will it be worn? Who might want to wear this? How will they take care of it? And how can we make sure the items can be easily reused or recycled?

We work with what there is

Why create more new materials when there is already so much out there? We make garments out of fabric that has already lived a life. We use ‘dead stock’ (leftover inventory from other fashion houses) and turn these into new pieces of clothing. And we are always on the lookout for high-quality recycled materials to use for our collection. Because we work with what there is, a big part of our collection is limited edition. 

We Value craftsmanship

We only work with production partners that offer safe and pleasant working conditions to their employees. Where craftsmanship is rewarded with appreciation and a decent wage. The Slowdown Collection is made with love at the Moon Tekstil atelier in Izmir. 

How we pack & Ship

We avoid the use of plastics in our garments and try to do so in our entire business. That’s why we pack our garments in recyclable FSC paper instead of plastic bags. And since we aim for a maximum reduction of waste, our webshop orders arrive in a reusable and returnable Re-Pack delivery bag. 

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