Circular Design

Design to Last

From the development and design phase, we take the optimization of the lifespan of our garments into account. We design items you will love to have and hold on to. Encouraging consumers to reevaluate their relationship with clothing, themselves, and with each other. Our styles are comfortable, timeless, and of high quality so that they can be worn longer, passed on, and reused.

Work With What There Is

We only make garments out of fabric that has already lived a life. We use ‘dead stock’ fabrics (leftover inventory from other fashion houses) and recycled fabrics from the textile waste collected in The Netherlands and turn these into new pieces of clothing. 

We carefully handpick the ‘deadstock’ fabrics we use from warehouses near our production partner in Turkey. We only select natural fabrics and the best qualities available. 

Re-Use & Recycle

Why use new resources when there is already so much out there? CharlieMary only works with fabrics that are already there: deadstock materials or fabrics made out of recycled yarns. We design for recycling, so our garments can be easily returned into the circular fashion system.

We grant our items a long life and applaud if our garments are passed on from one owner to the next. That is why soon you will be able to offer your preloved CharlieMary items on our very own marketplace.

Repair & Care

A garment that makes you feel your most beautiful self, is a garment you want to keep forever. We know that feeling. That’s why we have listed our tips on how to take the best care and – if needed – repair your garments. Our care guide is ever-evolving .

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