Enschede Textielstad

Enschede Textielstad

Up until the late ’60s, Enschede was one of the largest textile producing cities in Europe. A lot of textile factories were located in the city centre and a lot of the population worked in the textile industry. In the late ‘60s, the vast majority of the factories closed, due to cheaper production facilities abroad. That is why Enschede Textielstad opened its doors in 2013 – to bring textile production back to the city.

Enschede Textielstad produces garment and interior textiles with local and recycled yarns. All of their fabrics are produced from recycled resources, such as recycled denim, recycled workwear and upcycled cotton. Since dyeing is one of the most polluting steps in textile production, none of the Enschede Textielstad fabrics are dyed. The fabric gets its colour from the recycled content in the yarns.

Enschede Textielstad works with a production on-demand model, which helps them lower their environmental impact even more. It prevents them from producing waste and enables them to adjust the fabrics to their customer’s needs. And another plus: they keep the minimum order quantity low – they are proud to call ‘working with small runs’ as one of their USP’s.

To read more about Enschede Textielstad, head to their website here.

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