Loop.a life

Loop.a life

Since its launch in 2016, female-owned Loop.a life has been one of the frontrunners in the field of circular fashion. They were one of the first to make a collection out of upcycled post-consumer textile waste. Their mission is to change the textile and fashion industry for the better and keep every step of the way as local and circular as possible.

Loop.a life develops their own yarn from post-consumer material. Because they do not use chemicals to dye their fabrics, the colour of the yarns depends on the content of the post-consumer textile waste that goes into them. They do blend fibres to get the ultimate colour for their designs.

They choose the production facilities they work with consciously and only work within Europe. The reason for this is twofold: it helps them lower their ecological footprint and guarantees the people working for Loop.a life do so under good and healthy circumstances. 

Loop.a Life in four words? Circular, local, sustainable and fair – no wonder we are proud to call them our production partner for our new Bobby Jumper.

Want to read more about the Loop.a life philosophy? Head to their website here.


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