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Makers Unite Amsterdam

Several items in the new drop of our Slowdown Collection are made right here, in Amsterdam.

Makers Unite is a creative agency with a big social mission. At their Amsterdam studio, they design and produce a diversity of sustainable products. What began as a newcomer-led initiative to up-cycle 5,000 discarded life-vests into symbolic everyday products, soon grew into a globally recognized network where creative newcomers work together with local makers. Makers Unite co-creates meaningful product collections with international brands, like Ben & Jerry’s and Filling Pieces. And since august 2021 for CharlieMary as well. 

The social enterprise is driven by social sustainability and its main aim is to support the independence of newcomers. Since its start in 2016 Makers Unite has offered development programmes to over 200 newcomers with refugee backgrounds. Their aim is to match newcomers to their next professional step within the Dutch creative industries. Makers Unite is passionate about changing the narratives of migration and inclusion and that is why we are proud to call them our production partner. 

To find out more about Makers Unite, visit their website here.


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