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Owning a garment that makes you feel your most beautiful self, is a garment you want to keep forever.  We know that feeling. That’s why we have listed our tips on how to take the best care and – if needed – repair your garments. Our care guide is ever-evolving


Less is more and this certainly goes for washing your clothes. If your clothes are not dirty or smelly give them a simple fresh-up by putting them on a hanger and hanging them on your balcony or in your garden before your next wear.   

If you remove stains immediately, this is more effective and might save you an extra wash. 

When you do wash your garments make sure to use a program with a gentle cycle and turn your garments inside out before putting them in the machine. Never wash your clothes at more than 30 degrees. And always check the care label inside your garments for instructions. 

We recommend using aggressive, preferably ecological washing liquid for your clothes. 

Don’t tumble dry but air-dry your garments. This is not only better for the environment but certainly as well for your clothes. The less friction they experience from tumbling around a machine the longer they will last.

Dry your laundered knitwear flat so they don’t stretch. 

Use a laundry bag for finer materials such as light kinds of cotton, viscose, Lyocell, Tencel ™. The laundry bag helps prevent the fabric to wear and tear during the wash. 


In case the reason you’re not wearing your garment anymore because it’s missing a button. Please contact us via to request a new one.


If for some reason you do not wear your CharlieMary garment anymore although it is still in mint condition you will soon be able to re-sell your item in our online marketplace. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about any news around our brand, including the launch of our marketplace. 

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