After starting their careers in the traditional fashion industry, Charlotte van Waes and Marieke Vinck soon felt uncomfortable with the way things were done and knew there had to be better ways. They quit their jobs, defined what true fashion meant to them, and founded CharlieMary in 2009. A company on a heartfelt mission to take true fashion from niche to norm.

In 2009 Charlotte and Marieke opened the doors of their first sustainable concept store in The Pijp in Amsterdam. To increase their impact, in 2012 they launched the first exclusively sustainable fashion agency in the Netherlands. They currently represent six of the most forward-thinking labels in the Benelux. And now they are launching their own circular fashion essentials label: CharlieMary.

“We want to make clothing that is good for you, for us, for our friends, our parents, our children, for the makers, for our planet. With our garments, we’re on a mission to stand the test of time – something that’s simply good and never goes out of fashion.”