Why 3D sampling is the future

Why 3D sampling is the future

Dominic Sluiter and Olga Vokalova are the founders of a rather clever 3D sampling companyThey are currently investigating how they can make their innovative technique available for smaller studios, like CharlieMary. We are happy to work on this pilot together and curious what the official name of their imperium will be. We had the chance to catch up with Dominic.

What are you most proud of in your work?

To be honest, at this very moment it is hard to be working in the fashion industry and feel a sense of pride. For way too long the fashion industry has been about more, cheaper and faster. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth and responsible for so much waste…I would like to be able to say: I work in the fashion industry AND are really proud of it.

3d sampling makes it possible to sample much more efficiently and I feel blessed to be working on this ever-evolving technology. We keep making things better. It makes me happy and proud to be able to give access to this digital innovation to people who are not that technological savvy. 3D sampling requires a rather complex way of thinking about design, but with our tool, we make it easy to apply (and help people save lots of time).

What does your dream future in the fashion industry look like?

I dream of a fashion industry where craftsmanship is celebrated. Where a new generation of makers is consciously producing more digitally: they sell before they make, so there is hardly any waste. We get rid of the sale season and stop working on seasonal collections. The value is in the product and no longer in stock or worse: in the brands behind the product. Eventually, I would love to build a platform where a customer can just order one, unique fashion item.

If you could change two things about the fashion industry tomorrow, what would they be?

To make a clearer separation between the two leadings crafts in the industry: A producer really gets to focus on production. And by that, I mean the development of better materials, better production methods and stay up to date on the latest innovations. That way the producer becomes a real production expert, the source of information where designers can find the answer to all their production questions. Then designers can focus on great designs and good products. The designer can truly focus on making something that lasts – knowing that their producer really knows how to produce in the very best way.

What does your favourite Slowdown Sunday look like?

That is a day without a plan. With no agenda. The best days are the days when you don’t know in advance how they will end.

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