Florine Duif introduces us to Joy Dressing

Florine Duif introduces us to Joy Dressing

Slowing down is often easier said than done. That's why we like to get inspired by women around us on how they manage and/ or juggle to keep the balance. This month we had a nice chat with Florine Duif, mother of 3 children, founder of The Mompany, designer of meditation pillows and author of the book Moeder Genoeg (Mother Enough). Dive in for Florine's Slow Living hacks and get inspired by her love for (Sustainable) Fashion. 

What does a day in the life of Florine look like?

Every day is different, but the first thing that comes to mind is Mompany. A company I started in 2017 and am very passionate about. Secondly, I guide people in writing intuitive letters, which is extremely satisfying, I design meditation pillows and of course, there is my family. 

In everything I do, I hope to give women more self-confidence. I hope to find a way for every woman to show on the outside how they feel on the inside, radiating confidence. 

Also I am such a fan of Joy Dressing. After a year of being home and wearing so much neutral, the shift towards clothing that’s bright, colourful and literally sparks joy feels only natural.  

I currently also feel like I’m at the start of a turning point and it’s time to slow down a little.

What does a day of ‘doing nothing’ look like for you?

Being away from Social Media. I truly love the community and I have had the most amazing conversations with so many different people because of social media. But I’m ready for some more inward movement. I will probably take a few months in the new year to do exactly that.  

What role does fashion play in your life?

To me, fashion has always been a way to express myself. Back in the day I never wanted to participate in current trends. But I will admit I have always been intrigued by Anna Wintour.

I adore the way she ties her work to her appearance and expression. I think it makes her very authentic. She may seem cool on the outside but I really believe she is actually full of humour. So on one side clothing is protection, almost like a mask, and on the other side, it's a great tool of expression. I will always wonder what the motivation behind fashion decisions are for different people. Look at Steve Jobs, easily identifiable with his black turtleneck. It was almost a part of his identity. I'm inspired by so many but some worthy names include Iris ApfelOumayma ElboumeshouliGrece Ghanem and last but not least Lydia Tsegay from Femmblk

Look at this last year and a half, I think I’m not alone when I say I spent most of my time in my sweatpants, this is definitely why Joy Dressing has become so interesting to me. In the past year, I learned that I experience so much happiness when I dress in clothes that I love. 

With the experience the last year or so has given us, I think it is so important to find things that you enjoy. For me, that's fashion.

What is it about fashion that intrigues you so?

At this point in time, the change that is happening in Fashion is very interesting. Mass consumption has been so “normal” to so many. But there is a shift, a sustainable shift. The clothes are still fun and fashionable, just not as harmful to our environment. 

I really focus on where my clothes come from and how they became those cool pieces of clothing. Sustainability plays an important role in my choice of where to shop. 

The kind of styles I'm looking for when shopping varies per season. Right now I love a statement shoulder, which I can find in a thrift store too. I just love clothes with a story and usability as well as wearability are a must! 

We’d love to hear your tips or maybe even a golden rule for slower living?

I think this is very personal. For me, I need to be less ‘out there’ to slow down. And I’m not just talking about social media, but every part of life asks you to be ‘out there’. So, to slow down I try to enjoy the little things, the simple things. I used to have such big dreams and now I notice myself wondering why. I know it’s because of a lack of abundance in my youth. I felt the need to prove to myself that I could have all the money and all the success. Now I realise how valuable the little things are. I feel privileged to have discovered this and I understand it’s not for everyone.

 I worked so hard for so long and sometimes I wonder whether it was all worth it. But then I think back to that time and I just feel content. I actually did all that, why shouldn’t I slow down a bit? It has made me appreciate life so much. I think everyone has some life lessons to learn, whether you want to or not and I feel I have certainly learned some of the ones that were put on my plate. 

We want to thank Florine for this wonderful chat, we feel instantly inspired and hope you do too! Want to follow Florine in all her future endeavours? Head to her Instagram here.

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