Take-Back program

Together we close the loop

Even though we design our pieces to stand the test of time, there might still come a moment in time you no longer want to wear your garment. Whether your item is still in mint condition or it is somehow damaged, we will take it back from you, and bring it back into our circular fashion loop where we see fit. 

  • In the future we might offer it at our (to be launched) second hand marketplace. 
  • We might re-make the garment into a new style – which will be offered at our (to be launched) second hand market place
  • Or recycle the fabric into new fabric we will use for new collections.

Because we work with high quality natural fabrics we can make sure our garments don’t have to turn into waste. 

How it works 

You can send back any item from our brand, no matter when you bought it or where you bought it (in our own webshop or at one of our stockists).

If you wish to send back an item please contact us by e-mail via admin@charliemary.com. Your feedback is very valuable to us.

We will send you a return label for you to post the item(s) you wish for us to take back.

Once we received your items we will send you a voucher for 30% discount on your next purchase. There is no expiry date so no rush, use it when you really fall in love with another item in our store.   

Why join our program?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact of our bulging wardrobes on the planet. Almost everyone knows by now that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. It is hugely important that the industry will develop circular solutions not having to use new raw materials, not creating any more waste. 

As a fashion lover you can help by not adding to the pile. Take care of your clothes, wear them for a long time and once it’s lifecycle with you had come to an end find a way for it to being repurposed in stead of throwing it in the (textile) bin.